Ested: 1999 by Govt. of Kerala |AICTE Permanent ID - 1 - 8252381 | AISHE code -C-8170 | GSTN -32CHNG01144D1D4| Institutional PAN -AAAGG0608R | CEE ID: KKE | . 

College Ladies Hostel

GECK has one ladies hostel with an intake of 150. Procedure for hostel admission is as per the institute norms. The students and other activities in the hostels are under the supervision of a warden.


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All residents of college hostels to strictly obey the following rules,

Rooms once allotted to the students will not be changed except on special situations.

Guests can be permitted only if the permission is obtained. Entertaining unauthorized guest will lead to severe punishment, including expulsion from the hostel.

Use of personal computer by a resident will be permitted only with prior permission of warden. PC should not be used for objectionable purpose.

The use of electrical appliance such as immersion heaters, electrical stove are forbidden. Private cooking is strictly forbidden.

Students should cooperate in carrying out maintenance works and should vacate rooms when the maintenance work is required.

The residents shall not move furniture from its allotted space.

All visitors to the hostel will have to make necessary entries in the visitor’s book.

The residents shall not paste any posters/ pictures etc. on the walls, windows, and shelves. The warden shall levy an amount proportional to the damage.

Hostel Warden

Dr.Ushakumari E R
Department of Chemical Engineering