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B.Tech. Chemical Engineering

B.Tech Regulations 2019

Chemical Engineering Curriculum 2019

Semester I and II Syllabus 2019

Semester III and IV syllabus 2019

Semester III and IV: Common Courses syllabus 2019

Semester V and VI syllabus 2019

Semester V and VI: Common Courses syllabus 2019

Semester VII and VIII syllabus 2019

Mathematics-Minor Syllabus

M.Tech. Computer Aided Process Design

Semester 1 syllabus 2022

Semester 2 syllabus 2022

Curriculum 2022 *New

Syllabus 2015 Regulations


An internationally renowned centre of excellence that moulds professionally competent and socially committed Chemical Engineers.


Provide a high-quality education that builds solid foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of Chemical Engineering in tune with needs of industry and society and to enhance knowledge through research.