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Proudly congratulating Jinan and team ( 2019-2023 Batch), District level winners and selected for Grand Finale of Young Innovators Programme (YIP), under Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council (K-DISC). The programme aims to empower future innovators to innovate new products, services or models to meet emerging requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs of the society more effectively through an innovative challenge.
Team Memebers: Jinan, Adil Musthafa, Alen paul, Joel Anto, Hafna
Proudly Congratulate Fahmida Sherin, APJKTU B.Tech Chemical Engineering First rank

Proudly Congratulate Sana Hameed T, APJKTU B.Tech Chemical Engineering Fourth rank
Class Toppers: Eighth Semester

Class Toppers: First Semester
Class Toppers: Seventh Semester

GATE 2023 qualified students
Class Toppers: KTU Second semester

Class Toppers: KTU Sixth semester
Sreehari R (2020-2024 Batch) selected for APJAKTU University Football reserve Team

Placement Details (2022-2023)
Class Toppers: KTU First semester

Class Toppers: KTU Fifth semester
Class Toppers: KTU Eighth semester

Dr. Binu T V, Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering, secured 98% marks in the NPTEL course titled Aspen Plus simulation software - a basic course for beginners and included in the Toppers list.
Placement Details (2018-2022 Batch)

University Rank Holders (B.Tech.): University of Calicut
Sl. No. Name Year Rank
1. Arun Gopinath 2004 4
2. Schlesin Selvi 2004 5
3. Remya Balakrishnan 2006 2
4. Savitha A. 2006 3
5. Raji K. 2008
6. Anoop A. K. 2009 1
7. Uma K. Sankar 2009 2
8. Reshma Krishnakumar 2010 2
9. Alan Ranjith Jacob 2010 3
10. Alphi Thomas 2011 2
11. Nimmi C. Sekhar 2013 1
12. Raghu Krishnamoorthy 2014 2
13. Faheema M. K. 2014 4

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