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​​​​​International Conference (Urja-23 under the agies of Yukthi-23), 10th to 12th April 2023

Government Engineering College Kozhikode has conducted the first edition of the international conference on emerging trends in engineering (YUKTHI-21) in online mode during the year 2021. The second edition of the biennial conference was planned to be conducted in the year 2023. Yukthi 2023 is an attempt to further explore the avenues in technology through conducting events such as paper presentations, panel discussions, webinars etc. with the active participation of researchers across the Globe. Yukthi 2023 provides a venue for the confluence of the latest ideas, thoughts and innovations of talented minds all over the world. The International Conference was conducted from 10th to 12th April 2023 in the hybrid mode using both online method and in-person modes. Yukthi 2023 also had additional tracks on special topics.

Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technologies (URJA-23) is one of the sub-track of the conference organized by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, GEC Kozhikode. Research papers in the following subject areas (not limited to) were called for presentation at the conference. The subject areas include Thermal, Fluid, and Energy Engineering, Mechanical Design, Materials and Manufacturing, Industrial Engineering and Optimization, Tribology, Nanoscience, and Technology.

Dr. Sudheesh R S, Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering was the organising secretary and Prof. Sindhu N, Associate Professor, the Department of Chemical Engineering was the General Convenor of the conference. Dr Pradeep M Kamath, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering was the convenor and Prof. Fouad Ebn Mohammed Abdulla, Assitant Professor was the coordinator of the subtrack URJA 23.

URJA 23, track received twenty-six papers from research scholars from various universities. All papers received were sent for peer review. After peer review, twenty-two papers were selected for presentation at the international conference.

The formal inauguration was conducted on 10/04/2023 at 10. 00 am. The inaugural ceremony started with a prayer followed by Welcome Address by the organizing secretary, Dr Sudheesh R S and a Presidential address by Dr Sajith P P, the Principal in charge GECKKD. The inauguration of the conference was done by Dr L S Ganesh by opening Book of abstracts followed by the inaugural address. Dr Sandeepkumar M, and Dr Erwin Furher felicitated the function. A vote of thanks was given by Prof Sindhu N

There were four keynote lectures were presented under the subtrack URJA 2023. Details of the keynote lecture are as follows

1. Dr L S GANESH, ICFAI, Hyderabad (Former Professor and HOD, Dept of Management studies IIT Madras) presented a keynote lecture on the topic ‘Human society, Development, Natural Systems and the Sustainability imperative: What should science, engineering and technology do?’

2. Dr Sandeep Kumar Mouvanal (Senior Researcher, University of Nottingham UK) presented a keynote lecture on the topic ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics for Thermal Management’

3. Dr Shantakumaran Mohan, Associate Professor, IIT Palakkad delivered a keynote on the topic ‘Modern mobile manipulators in industry and others ’

4. Dr Ganesh Natarajan, Associate Professor, IIT Palakkad delivered a keynote on the topic ‘Deconstructing cricket using mechanics’

The delegate presentation was scheduled in three sessions. Each session was chaired by experts in the relevant area. The following subject experts were invited to chair the sessions.

Session 1. Thermal and Fluid and other allied areas

Chair Dr. G Venugopal, Retired Professor, RIT Kottayam

Co Chair: Dr Jithesh P K, APME GECK

Session 2 Materials and Manufacturing

Chair: Dr K K Ramachandran, Professor, GEC Thrissur

Co Chair: Dr Anirudhan P, Professor GECK

Session 3 Management

Chair Dr Vinay V Panicker, Professor NIT Calicut

Co Chair Dr Francis J Emmatty, APME GECK.

Based on the content, novelty, and presentation, each research paper was evaluated by the session chair. One Best Paper award was given for papers presented in each session. The following papers received the best paper award.

Session 1.

Paper id 11- ‘Particle Embedded Finite Element Model for Hybrid Filler Composite’ Presented by Ms Aswathi A Narayanan

Session 2

Paper id 99- ‘ Thermo Mechanical and Surface Characterization of Microscale Surface Coating Produced by Thermal Spray Coating Technique’ presented y Mr. Ruben Jose Tom

Session 3

Paper id 126 Comparison of Rubber Tapping Methods for Ergonomic Assessment of Work Related Musculoskeltal Disorders(WMSDS)’ presented by Mr Jyothiraj B G

Paper id 126 Comparison of Rubber Tapping Methods for Ergonomic Assessment of Work Related Musculoskeltal Disorders(WMSDS)’ presented by Mr Jyothiraj B G


MALHAR( MAY 20,21, 22 -2022)

ALUMNI MEET (May 8 -2022)

International Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technologies (September 24-26 ,2021)


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