Ested: 1999 by Govt. of Kerala | CEE ID: KKE | GST NO: 32AAA GG0608 R1ZG. 

PEOs and PSOs Civil Engineering

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO-1 Apply their knowledge and skills as effective and productive Civil Engineers to enable sustainable growth of the community
PEO-2 Work and communicate effectively in order to develop practical, technically-sound and cost-effective solutions to civil engineering problems in an international scenario
PEO-3 Enhance self-confidence, ability to make proper decisions, and adhere to professional ethics
PEO-4 Pursue lifelong learning to keep themselves conversant with latest development in their fields of practice or study.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO-1 Knowledge of Contemporary issues : Demonstrate the knowledge of contemporary issues in the field of Civil Engineering
PSO-2 Safety awareness : Recognize and implement various safety measures required in civil engineering projects.
PSO-3 Philanthropic activities: Recognize the need for getting involved in solving problems of community and empathetically react on humanitarian grounds.

Realm of professionalism for ethically strong and technically competent civil engineers with global perspective.


Provide value education to mould civil engineers of high caliber and ethical values to serve society and nation.

Establish thriving educational environment to prepare the students for global competence.

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Provide technical expertise and consultancy services to community in the domain of civil engineering.

Promote industry interactions coupled with research and development.